10 Things Beginning CNC Machine Users Need to Succeed

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The use of CNC milling machines is gaining popularity across many machine shops in Canada. 

Using a CNC milling machine guarantees accuracy and consistency when cutting metals. However, new users often experience challenges when starting with CNC milling.

This guide highlights ten things that can help you succeed as a beginner in CNC milling.

1. Buy High-Quality Cutters

When starting CNC milling, you would want to purchase premium cutters for high-quality production. It will help if you go for reputable brands to avoid unnecessary downtime caused by cheaper tools. Also, don’t forget to buy protective googles because cutters break sometimes.

2. Buy a High-Quality Vice and Clamping Kit

Work holding is critical in CNC milling. A high-quality vice will hold your part in a fixed position. Moreover, it will last for ages.

On top of that, get a clamping kit for mounting the vice to the table’s T-slots. You can get these tools from reputable players such as the Aaron Machine Shop.

3. Purchase a Speed Calculator for Increased Accuracy

Accuracy should be the top priority when starting CNC milling. Thus, you would want to purchase a speeds calculator for precise spindle speeds. This calculator will help you achieve precision in every cut. Further, you can get a feeds calculator.

4. Tram the CNC Milling Machine for Accurate Cuts

Tram means the squaring of the CNC milling machine from head to the table. There are two trams, one parallel to the x-axis and the other one to the Y-axis. For more accurate cuts, the machine must be on the trams.

5. Misting Setup for Coolant Will Prevent Chip Build Up

There are two types of misting setup for coolant, including micro-drop and siphon-based. A micron-drop system guarantees efficiency with little mess. This system pressurizes the coolant, keeping it in a separate chamber from the air to prevent chip buildup.

6. Familiarize Yourself with Manual Data Input

Using manual data input (MDI) in a CNC machine saves time and increases productivity. You can access this setting via the machine’s MDI keypad located on the control panel. The MDI keypad allows you to set various parameters such as basic g-codes, X, Y, and Z coordinates.

7. Use Aluminum Material to Make Vice Jaws

CNC millers require vice jaws to function optimally. You can use oversized Aluminum materials to cut the vice jaws.

After cutting the pieces, you’ll need to square them until all sides are parallel to each other. Then, you’ll use CNC millers to shape the vice jaws into fitting sizes.

8. Stainless Steel Is Not for Beginners

It can be pretty challenging to use hard materials on CNC millers as a beginner. In that case, you would want to avoid stainless steel at all costs. Instead, go for brass, aluminum, or mild steel for metal fabrications.

9. Get a Touch Tool Measuring Device

A touch tool measuring device will point out the tip of the tool to enhance accuracy. Remember, the CNC machine must tell where the tool’s tip is in Z. It will also help if you get an edge finder for setting up X and Y positions.

10. Advanced CNC

After learning the basics of CNC milling, you can now proceed to advanced programming. This includes learning how to use the g-codes and CAD/ CAM programs. Besides getting help from an experienced partner, you can enroll in a CNC milling course.

We Make CNC Milling Easy

Use these tips to enhance your first-time experience using a CNC machine. If you are looking for a certified CNC machinist in Calgary, reach out to us to learn more about our CNC services and find out how we can help you. Our team can tackle a job of any size and complexity.

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