The Most Common Materials Used in Metal Fabrication

metal fabrication

Metal fabrication plays a crucial role in building a wide variety of products, such as cabinets, fire pits, racks, shelving units and trophies from different raw materials. The procedure uses a combination of processes, such as cutting, bending and assembling. Based on your specifications and quality required for the end product, key considerations are given for the material to be used. Choose experienced technicians for fabricating different metals according to your requirements. Count on Aaron Machine Shop Ltd for proficient metal fabrication and detailed fitting services. We have been providing metal works, including bending, cutting and assembling of parts for our clients since 1996. We also specialize in CNC machining, welding, hydraulics, on-site repairs and metal art.

assembling of parts for our clients since 1996. We also specialize in CNC machining, welding, hydraulics, on-site repairs and metal art.

Common Metals Used in Fabrication

For the casting process (placing liquid metal into the mould for the desired shape), raw materials such as molten metal, concrete, epoxies and clay are used. Here are some of the common materials that are used in the casting process of metal fabrication:

1. Steel

Steel is composed of iron and carbon. Carbon is the main alloying material and the amount used will determine the hardness and tensile strength of steel. Steel has a wide range of applications in construction, machinery and weapons. Some of the types are:

  • Carbon Steel 

With many versatile options available, carbon steel is the most used material for metal fabrication. This type of steel has a higher carbon content, which gives it a lower melting point. It is also more durable and malleable. It is used predominantly for its strength and sturdiness. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and is available in various sizes.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is used in several applications, including surgical instruments, appliances and cabinet fittings. This steel is composed of carbon steel along with aluminum and high content of chromium, making it a highly corrosion-resistant metal. It has a unique silver mirror coating that helps xmaintain its lustre.

Uses of Steel in Metal Fabrication

  • Steel can be used in construction as it is less expensive and maintains its structural integrity
  • When combined with other materials, such as tungsten or chromium, it becomes heat resistant and rustproof
  • It can be reprocessed multiple times and does not lose its strength and durability

2. Aluminum

Aluminum is ideal for low temperature applications, such as refrigerators. It is lightweight and durable. It does not perform well with temperatures higher than 200 degrees Celsius.

3. Copper

Copper is known for its conductivity and is malleable and corrosion-resistant. It is used in marine and industrial environments.

4. Magnesium

It has a low density and is used in the manufacturing of aircraft and automobile parts.

Raw Materials Used for Metal Fabrication

To strengthen products and increase its functionality, hardware such as handles, locks and latches are used. For larger quantities of hardware, building a prototype can help you get the desired end product and reduce the amount of time required for metal fabrication. Some basic materials used in the process are:

Flat Metal Raw Materials

This type of metal is pressed into flat pieces and the thickness can vary. Depending on the thickness, they are divided into:

  • Foil or leaf metal: thinnest type of flat metal
  • Sheet metal: thickness is less than 6mm
  •  Plate metal: thickness is greater than 0.25in

Sectional Metals

Sectional metals are composed of steel and are used in engineering and construction projects. Some of the types include:

  •  I-beam: It is a cross-sectional beam that looks like the shape of the letter “I”
  •  Z-shape: It is a metal with shape of the letter “Z”
  •  Hollow structural section (HSS): It is hollow piping that is available in square, circular, rectangular and elliptical shapes
  • Rod: It is a metal that is circular or square
  • Bar: The bar consists of a flat piece of rectangular cross-sectioned metal

Aaron Machine Shop Ltd provides a wide range of metal fabrication services. We also have cutting-edge CNC software that helps us design the perfect part for your project.

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