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Reliable Mobile Welding Services in Calgary


If it’s metal, Aaron Machine Shop in Calgary can repair it. We are pleased to offer mobile repair for businesses, factories and individual clients. Our licensed journeyman technicians are trained to find creative ways to complete on-site welding in Calgary quickly and efficiently. If the job can't be brought to us, we will bring our machining, millwrighting and welding services to you in our fully equipped on-site trailer. Our professionals specialize in a range of welding services from custom fabrication to maintenance.


What sets us apart is our ability to approach each new project with a fresh perspective and flexibility. When we take on your job, we bring our years of experience to provide you with precise results that are customized to your needs.


Welding Services Offered


In order to maximize the convenience that we can offer you, we come with a number of on-site welding services. These include:


Heavy equipment welding

The welding requirements for heavy equipment are quite different as they have to go through a lot of extremities while functioning. We make use of high-end equipment in order to give you exactly what you want.


Machinery welding

Don’t put your work on hold because of a broken machine that requires welding. We have the skillset and equipment to weld all kinds of machines.


Gates / railings

We can weld broken parts of your gate right at your location. This means there is no need to get the gates removed and carried to us. Thanks to our mobile welding services, you will be able to save time and money.


Pipe welding

Our team can weld all kinds of metal pipes if you want. Be it construction or plumbing, our experienced team is prepared and equipped to offer you even emergency services.


Sheet metal welding

We can ensure that your sheet metal won’t warp, bend or get damaged by excess heat during our process. Our team can reach your location and provide you with a whole array of welding services for your sheet metal project.


Steel beam welding

If you require steel beam welding services for your construction projects, you can count on our mobile service to get the job done. We have worked with several construction contractors over the years.


Steel plate welding

Steel plates are quite good when it comes to weldability, and our experienced and licensed welders can even do custom fabrications for you. We make use of industry-leading welding procedures to give you top-notch quality


Aluminum tubing

Widely used in the construction industry, aluminum tubings are quite versatile. We can weld aluminum tubings based on inputs for clients to give them exactly what they want.


24/7 Emergency service

We provide 24x7 emergency services and will be there to answer your calls. Our team has helped several commercial and residential clients in distress by providing them with timely mobile welding solutions.


Ensuring Timely Completion

Other than providing several welding services, we also use many materials and tools. These allow us to complete the job quickly and efficiently and minimize errors. The materials we work with include:


  • Aluminum
  • Wrought Iron
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Galvanized Steel



Why Should You Choose Aaron Machine Shop Ltd?


Since 1996, we have been providing mobile welding services and repairs in Calgary and surrounding areas. Our mobile welding team takes extreme care to ensure our machining, millwrighting, and welding services are as per your specifications. With our fully equipped fleet of service trucks, we provide mobile welding services throughout Calgary.


Machining involves a process in which a piece of raw material is cut into a desired shape and size. This process is a part of the manufacturing process of metal products. It is not limited to metal, as it can also be used for materials such as plastic, wood, and ceramic. Our fleet of service trucks has everything to finish the job the right way.


Millwrighting involves installing, repairing, and reassembling machinery in factories and construction sites. Our team offers quality millwrighting services using our fleet of service trucks. Our mobile is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to ensure that your job is completed on time.


Our technicians have experience working on factory machinery, construction machinery, small mechanical items, and more. You can be assured that Aaron Machine Shop Ltd will work safely and diligently when fulfilling your project needs and requirements. All our professionals have hands-on experience with our fleet of service trucks which offer a broad array of mobile welding repairs in Calgary. We always make sure that all your projects are completed on time and within your budget.


Contact Us for Welding Services


Our fleet of service is equipped to offer on-site machining, millwrighting and welding services to Calgary’s community. We strive to maintain integrity through all phases of our relationship with you. We also offer water jet cutting and metal fabrication services. If you have any questions aboutIf you have any questions about mobile welding repairs and services in Calgary, our experienced professionals are always ready to help you. Call Aaron Machine Shop Ltd to learn more.

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