Uses and Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

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Waterjet cutting is a unique method of machining that has numerous applications for a variety of industries. Just like conventional machines, a waterjet cutter cuts and shapes materials for the fabrication process. It is a versatile and flexible tool with a number of unique benefits. At Aaron Machine Shop, we provide CNC waterjet cutting in Calgary. Here’s a look at the important role of waterjet cutting in general machining.

How Does Waterjet Cutting Work? 

Unlike the blades of conventional cutting machines, a waterjet cutter uses water to cut a material. The water is very highly pressurized, and the resulting jet can create the clean cuts necessary for material shaping. Water-only cutting can cut softer materials such as rubber. If abrasives are added to the water, then waterjet cutting can also be successfully used to cut much harder materials.

Waterjet Cutting Advantages

One of the main benefits of waterjet cutting is that it can cut just about any material typically used for general machining and fabrication. This means it has potential applications for almost every industry.

The reason why you would want to choose waterjet cutting over conventional cutting methods is that it minimizes the damaging effects of heat. Any residual heat created from erosion by the abrasives in the water is quickly cooled. Cold cutting allows a waterjet to cut through material without changing its properties, eliminating problems such as distortion, warping, and cracking. Waterjet cutting can also save money by reducing the need for secondary processing.

Combining Waterjet Cutting and CNC Machining

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Rather than being run manually by an operator, a CNC machine is operated by computer software. CNC machining can be used in conjunction with waterjet cutting to deliver the benefits of both methods. The flexibility of waterjet cutting, and the precision of CNC machining combine to deliver complex, intricate cuts with no mechanical stress on the material, streamlining production and reducing waste.

Waterjet Cutting as a Conventional Machining Complement

Waterjet cutting technology is continually improving and becoming more exacting. However, there are times when conventional machining may be needed in order to create perfectly sharp inside corners or cut lines with no taper.

In cases where waterjet cutting isn’t ideal for producing a complete final part, it can nevertheless be a fantastic complement to other general machining techniques. First, a waterjet cutter can be used to produce a near-finished part, letting you take advantage of all the benefits of cool cutting up to that point. The part can then be completed using conventional secondary processing.

CNC Waterjet Cutting in Calgary for All Your Machining Needs

Aaron Machine Shop in Calgary has advanced waterjet cutting equipment for high-quality CNC machining. Our equipment is able to cut aluminum, stainless steel, rubber, ceramics, marble, Teflon, and titanium with exacting precision. We pride ourselves on offering waterjet cutting and general machining services that can save you time and money.

If you have any more questions about the applications and advantages of waterjet cutting in Calgary, just contact us today.

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