Types of Metals Used in Welding

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During the welding process, the properties of the metal being welded need to be taken into account. This is because different metals respond to welding in unique ways. At Aaron Machine Shop, we provide welding services in addition to general machining, CNC machining, and waterjet cutting in Calgary. Our certified welders work with aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, and titanium. Here is a look at the unique advantages and challenges of welding each of these metals.


Due to its high corrosion resistance and good electrical conductivity, aluminum is being used in a growing number of industrial applications. It is lightweight, soft, and among the easiest metals to weld as long as the proper techniques are used. When being welded, aluminum is susceptible to problems such as porosity, hot cracking, and stress corrosion cracking. Special care must also be taken to avoid burnthroughs with certain aluminum alloys that have a low melting point.

Cast Iron

Cast-iron is a material of choice for many applications due to its characteristic hardness, which comes from a high carbon content. However, cast iron can also be tricky to work with and weld as its hardness translates into less malleability and ductility. Because it does not stretch or deform, cast iron is more susceptible to cracking. An experienced welder can help reduce the occurrence of cracks by ensuring that cast iron is properly preheated.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a high-strength and corrosion-resistant metal with a wide array of industrial uses. It has a low melting point when compared to other metals, which makes for quicker and easier welding. That also means that less heat is required. However, stainless still also expands at a quick rate and is susceptible to sharp gradients in temperature. Welders need to take these factors into account in order to prevent thermal stress and cracking.


Titanium is commonly used in applications that require high stress without a lot of added weight. It is only half as heavy as steel but just a strong, with a high corrosion resistance as well. Titanium also retains good mechanical properties at high temperatures. The most important precaution that must be taken in order to successfully weld titanium is to use a strong shielding gas. This is because titanium quickly changes to titanium dioxide when exposed to oxygen.

Full-Service and Mobile Welding in Calgary

For all of your custom fabrication needs, look no further than Aaron Machine Shop. On top of our weldinggeneral machiningCNC machining, and waterjet cutting services, our licensed journeymen also perform on-site metal repairs. We have a fully-equipped trailer that allows us to provide mobile welding services to businesses and individual clients all throughout Calgary. If you can’t bring the work to us, we will find an effective and efficient way to complete it on-site.

The certified welders at Aaron Machine Shop are committed to providing quality craftsmanship and quick turnaround on any project. To find out more about our welding and general machining services, just contact us today.

welding shops calgary

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