The 5 Benefits of Using Waterjet Technology in Manufacturing

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Do you own a factory or a manufacturing facility? Would you like to know how to increase efficiency in the cutting process?

Here at Aaron Machine Shop, we understand one of the most crucial aspects of any manufacturing firm is ensuring you have a dependable procedure for cutting materials. Effectiveness and efficiency are the keys to productivity.

This is where the services of a waterjet can be of value.

An industrial contraption; this machine utilizes intense pressure via a jet of water and sand to cut through a vast array of materials. But you may be wondering; what are the benefits of this machine in the manufacturing process?

Keep reading to find out.

1. Cuts Through Almost Anything

One of the main attributes of the waterjet is its capacity to cut through nearly anything. The utility of waterjet cutting expands (but is not limited) to such materials as:

  • Rubbers and plastics
  • Composites
  • Natural materials (timber, ceramics, rock, etc)
  • Metals (aluminum, titanium, copper, bronze, stainless steel, etc)
  • This kind of practicality can boost efficiency by making things easier and more effective.

2. Economical

The waterjet is a godsend to the manufacturing industry. Why? Because it’s more cost-effective due to its customized and assembled parts.

Moreover, waterjet cutting can also produce products faster with the added benefit of using fewer materials. And of course, this only further complements its economical proposition.

3. Removes the Need for Additional Procedures

Due to its detailed accuracy, waterjet cutting eliminates the need for more steps to be taken in order to shape the parts to their precise form. And what’s more, the mechanism can perform the task on its initial attempt.

Consequently, this streamlines the entire operation; making things quicker while also saving money in the process.

4. Environmentally-Friendly

Waterjet cutting is also great for the environment. It helps curve the production of pollutants and contamination that is so often associated with the manufacturing profession.

This is accomplished via the abundant usage of water, in addition to the reusable substances that are utilized to cut the materials.

For this reason — as well as many others — no damaging, dangerous, or unfavourable contaminants find their way to the natural environment. This alone makes the waterjet worth its weight in gold.

5. More Control

Many other appliances within the industry that produce parts depend on using extreme heat to make the materials more pliable and durable. But not the waterjet.

This machine doesn’t resort to heat.

As a result, it’s easier from a management point of view. Why? Because it permits a stronger amount of control when producing parts with intricate and complicated formations.

Ready to Give the Waterjet a Try?

The waterjet can change your manufacturing process forever. As such, it’s most certainly worth a try, or at the very least your time and attention.

Do you need machining or waterjet cutting services?

If so, send us a message today with any of your manufacturing needs. Aaron Machine Shop has been serving Calgary and the surrounding areas since 1996.

We operate based on high-quality, ingenuity, and exceptional customer service. We look forward to serving you.

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