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When it comes choosing from all the various welding services in Calgary, we hope you consider Aaron Machine Shop. Our team provides metal welding for aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, and titanium. We are certified in Arc, MIG, and TIG welding techniques. But, most importantly, we bring along years of experience and technical know-how to ensure your piece is done right and completed on time.

As a full-service operation catering to your custom fabrication and machining needs, Aaron Machine Shop offers welding services for a range of applications. When you work with us, you will receive precision results from certified welders who have experience working for customers in a range of industries.


Requesting Welding Services in Calgary?

As in any type of trade, there’s a lot of jargon that gets tossed around and the same is true in welding. So, we’ve put together some general definitions of welding techniques that are used in our shop:

  • Arc welding — Arc welding in general remains a popular welding choice. The process is low cost and utilizes either an AC or DC electrical current to melt and join various metals — even non-conductive metals. 
  • MIG welding — As a subtype of arc welding, MIG welding uses a metal inert shielding gas such as argon in the pooling process. This type of welding works best with aluminum and mild steels. 
  • TIG welding — In TIG welding, a tungsten inert gas is used to shield the weld area from oxidation during the welding process. While a filler metal can be used, some types of welds (autogenous welds) do not require any type of consumable metal.

These are generally the most common types of welding services Calgary customers can expect to receive at our shop. Although, special projects sometimes call for special tools and we’re always happy to discuss your options. We also have a fully equiped mobile trailer to offer machining, millwrighting and welding services.

Types of Metals We Work with at Our Shop

Before any work begins, some important considerations are made. These typically revolve around the type of metal being welded, its melting point, electrical conductivity, inherent strength, as well as how the metal reacts to forces such as stretching and bending.

  • Cast iron — Cast iron is more difficult to weld than many types of low-carbon steel. For one, cast iron often requires pre-heating to reduce incidences of cracking. Secondly, cast iron has a higher concentration of carbon and silicone, making it a challenging alloy to work with. Some welders describe working with cast iron as being somewhat like golf; some days it’s a breeze, other days… not so much. 
  • Aluminum — So long as the setup is done correctly, aluminum can be one of the easiest metals to weld. Although, special techniques and extra care are required when joining thin or thick pieces of aluminum. 
  • Stainless steel — Steel in itself is an alloy of iron and carbon. To make steel less susceptible to rust and corrosion, a 13-30% mix of chromium and/or nickel alloy may be used. Since temperature variables can change the atomic formation of stainless steel, we employ either MIG or TIG welding when working with this type of metal. 
  • Titanium — Titanium and titanium alloys are excellent at resisting corrosion from salt, chlorides, and other contaminants. But, titanium has a strong affinity to oxygen and immediately changes to titanium dioxide when exposed to air. Therefore, a shielding gas is essential in welding titanium.

Our typical turnaround times for welding will vary based on the size and type of material of your project. However, our welders honour Aaron’s trademark customer service, meaning they will respect the time and needs of each and every customer.

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