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Reliable Metal Services in Calgary

Specializing in CNC machining, general machining, water jet, welding, hydraulics, on-site repairs and metal art, Aaron Machine Shop Ltd combines top-notch know-how with a “whatever-it-takes” attitude.

Aaron Machine Shop Ltd has the perfect match for your project - advanced, state-of-the-art equipment and certified journeymen who take absolute pride in their work. With this sought-after combination, we are able to ensure your metal design, fabrication and repairs are done right, every time.

Using software such as Mastercam® and SOLIDWORKS, we can design and machine any 3D contoured part. Further, our full fourth-axis capabilities increase our versatility in such applications as carving, scanning and inducing while reducing cycle times and improving product quality. At the same time, we ensure that each service we provide is delivered to you on time and at affordable rates, such that you feel that you have received goods that provide value for money. Contact us today for a hassle-free and reliable experience in receiving metal services. 

Our Services

Our full-service operation is pleased to support your organization with the following services:


General Machining

We help you reduce the downtime of your business with our general machining services. We will perform quick repairs of any machines involved in your production process, ensuring durability at the same time.


With our metal fabrication services, we can make custom units that perfectly fit your requirements.


Arc, MIG and TIG welding services for aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, and titanium to make pieces with precision and deliver on time.


Professional and quick services for pumps, power units, motors, and valves will help avoid breakdowns and keep your equipment running at optimum capacity for a longer duration.

Waterjet Cutting

With our waterjet cutting services, we can make precise and intricate parts from aluminum, steel, ceramic, rubber, marble, titanium and Teflon.

CNC Machining

Performing slot cutting, drilling, routing, planing, rebating etc., to meet your custom specifications using premium quality milling and lathe equipment.

Metal Art

We can make mesmerizing and inspiring metal pieces that add a unique appeal to your spaces. These unique pieces can be developed to match your requirements perfectly and add a sophisticated touch of creativity to your spaces.

Material Supply

If you need metal supplies for an operation, we can provide them to you quickly at affordable rates.

Pick-Up & Delivery

To make your experience with us seamless and comfortable, we provide pick up and drop off services in our shop truck. This truck is equipped with an 8- footbed, which will help keep your items safe.

On-Site Welding Service

If you need welding services but can’t get your equipment to us, we will come with welding services to your site.

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