Metal Fabrication Deemed Essential During COVID-19 Crisis

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We are nearly a full year into the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, restrictions and fresh lockdowns continue throughout Canada and the USA. The language of these restrictions outline what businesses are essential, in other words, which must stay open to keep the country running. Is metal fabrication considered “essential,” and if so, which metal fabrication Calgary jobs and why?

The answer is a little more complicated than you might think. Follow along as we explain why we cannot live without specific metal fabrication and manufacturing work.

Metal Fabrication Deemed Essential

Metal fabrication is the process of assembling and reshaping metals to build parts and structures for a wide variety of finished products. The nature of the far-reaching influence metal products has in manufacturing and other industries mean metal fabrication is essential in many parts of our economy.

For a business to be considered essential, it must supply a product and/or service needed for the people’s general health and well-being. The industries manufacturing essential goods include but are not limited to:

  • Food production and agriculture
  • Mining and Supply Chain
  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare
  • Transportation and energy

State and local governments are, for the most part, given freedom of governance when it comes to deciding what manufacturing during COVID may continue uninterrupted. The department of homeland security has issued guidelines for critical infrastructure, which includes certain types of metal fabrication.

Feed and Grain Storage

People have got to eat. There is nothing more essential than keeping the country’s food supply going strong. It is essential to keep metal grain silos, bins, tanks, and hoppers that store feed and grain in good condition, or farmers could lose entire harvests. Only skilled metal fabrication workers can build, treat, and repair these vital agricultural containers.

Building Infrastructure

Although many factories and other buildings have been shut down during the pandemic, those manufacturing essential goods are still buzzing away. One metal fabrication essential to these businesses is HVAC installation and repair. Every building needs proper ventilation for the safety and well-being of those working inside them.

The building’s heavy duct-work and dust collection must be well-maintained to ensure the safety of workers. Metal fabrication workers are the front line in the building and maintaining of this vital infrastructure.

Duct-work is subject to strict HVAC regulations for infrastructure and pollution control. This fact alone makes highly-skilled metal fabricators essential workers.

Metal Fabrication in Calgary

We have an important job, and we intend to keep doing it. It is the working-class citizens that will see America through the challenges. Aaron Machine Shop Ltd., a trusted metal fabrication Calgary area shop, is an essential business staying open to serve our community and the industries we partner with during the pandemic.

Our certified journeymen are ready to take on any job from machining and manufacturing to on-site repairs. Contact us today for service or discuss how we can help your business through these uncertain economic times.

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