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Precise Waterjet Cutting in Calgary

To be able to build or repair anything, you need its constituent parts. These parts need to be of excellent quality adhere to high standards and precise measurement. With accurate waterjet cutting in Calgary, this is where the team of professionals at Aaron Machine Shop Ltd comes in. 


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Materials We Work With:


With the use of advanced CNC waterjet equipment, Aaron Machine Shop in Calgary is capable of offering precise, multidirectional cutting of intricate parts. We are able to cut just about anything, including:

  • Aluminum

  • Stainless steel

  • Rubber

  • Ceramics

  • Marble

  • Teflon

  • Titanium

Note: this service is not used with tempered glass


Combining Flexibility & Exacting Precision


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) waterjet cutting is an advanced manufacturing technology that delivers cool processing, intricate cuts, fine edges, minimal waste and no mechanical stress. Waterjet cutting can be used on any type of metal from 1/16” to 5” thick.

Combining flexibility with exacting precision, the waterjet process can be easily automated for production use. Any type of metal from 1/16” to 5” thick is a candidate for the waterjet process.

Are you looking for waterjet cutting in Calgary? Do you need more information? Feel free to ask a question through our convenient form or simply give us a call.


Our Process


To ensure that you get the exact parts you need at the highest quality standards, we follow this structured process:


Step 1: Briefing

We understand your requirements.


Step 2: Securing the Drawings

We take the drawings you have to get a better idea of precisely what you want. Then, we perform an analysis of our task to determine the best way to execute the job.


Step 3: Selecting the Material

We select the final material best suited for the task we are working on.


Step 4: Execution

Our team cuts metals, comprosites, ceramics and much more to satisfy your industrial needs.


Who we are

We are

Your go-to shop for machining services in Calgary.

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