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A-1 Milling Services

You can come to us for both manual and CNC milling services. We handle everything from component production and prototyping to machine repairs and service. If you have any special needs, we also take in requests for custom millwork. To complete the task, we use advanced equipment like Mazak CNC mills, VTC-250D, and Vertical Center Nexus 510C-II. With fourth axis capabilities, our mill turning solutions are the best in the industry.


Maximum CNC mill capacity


  • 69” X-axis
  • 25” Y-axis
  • 25” Z-axis

Maximum manual mill capacity

  • 48” X-axis
  • 48” Y-axis
  • 60” Z-axis
  • Mill-turning
  • Precision, tight tolerance


What Is CNC Milling?


CNC milling is a process of machining that involves advancing a cutter into a workpiece and removing material with rotary cutters. It's excellent for creating angles, slots, holes, and curves, as well as flat surfaces and channels. Our CNC milling services in Calgary are trusted among residential as well as commercial clients.  


It's possible to perform it with a variety of machine tools. The milling machine was the first type of machine tool for milling. For high-speed cutting of engineering-grade materials into product prototypes and precision end-use parts, our CNC milling process is capable of 3-axis (X,Y,Z), 4-axis (X,Y,Z,A), and 5-axis (X,Y,Z,A,C) milling.


How Do We Do It? 


CNC Machining includes CNC turning, milling, sawing, and various other procedures. Before any product is manufactured, our machining team collaborates with you to comprehend the CAD/CAM file or design, refine it, and discuss the raw materials used. To ensure better quality, every machine is recorded, inspected on a regular basis, and pre-checked before runs. We provide post-production services such as assembly, coating, finishing, and final workup. Give us a line if you require CNC milling services in Calgary. 



Different Types of Milling 


CNC milling is often required for creating custom parts by businesses and residents based in Calgary. Here are the different types of CNC milling machines that are widely used in the industry:


  • Multi-axis milling: It is a manufacturing technique that incorporates tools that move in four or more directions and are used to mill away extra material, water jet cut, or laser cut items out of metal or other materials. 


  • Face milling: On a milling machine, facing is the process of cutting a flat surface perpendicular to the cutter's axis. The material is removed by spinning the facing tool counterclockwise as the workpiece is fed across the cutter by the table. 


  • Vertical milling: It's a precision tool for shaping and fabricating that involves removing stock with a vertically oriented axis from metalwork components. The mill can also machine plastics and other materials depending on the tools and material.


We are also equipped with the latest technology such as Mastercam, Solidworks, and 3D design & machining that helps us deliver high speed and precise outcomes. Our products with tight tolerance ensure that they fit well and perform as they are meant to.


Have any questions about our lathe and milling services? Get in touch and we will address all your concerns. We are your go-to lathe and milling shop in Calgary!



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