Common Causes Of Welding Defects From Poor Material Preparation

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Welding defects are serious issues that can lead to equipment or machinery failure if not fixed. When looking for welding services in Calgary, you need to ensure that the provider you select is familiar with common material flaws and how to prevent them.

In this guide, Aaron Machine Shop will teach you about common welding defects and their causes. By the end, you’ll know how to identify these imperfections and contact a welding shop if you notice them.

Weld Crack 

This is the most serious type of welding defect. Cracks in the metal in or around the weld weaken the structure and lead to a collapse if too much stress is applied.

Many different factors can cause a weld crack to form. For example, use of hydrogen, base metal contamination, poor joint design, residual stress caused by the shrinkage of the cooling weld, or welding with a high speed and low current damage metals and can lead to a weld to crack. 

When looking for welding services in Calgary, examine a welder’s work carefully to ensure no cracks are present.


Porosity occurs when the weld metal becomes contaminated, and trapped gasses create bubbles within the weld. This weld becomes weak with time and can eventually collapse. 

Contamination from oil, grease, paint, or rust on the metal can lead to porosity.


An undercut looks like a valley in the weld between the two adjoining metals. It reduces the thickness of the weld and weakens it, which can eventually cause a welded piece to collapse.

Undercuts can be caused by poor welding techniques such as using high current, fast welding speed, incorrect angle, or wrong filler metal.

Incomplete Fusion or Penetration

Incomplete fusion creates a gap between the weld metal and the base metal that is not filled in. It can also appear between adjoining weld beads. 

Incomplete penetration leaves a similar gap at the bottom of the weld. This occurs when the molten metal does not fully penetrate the thickness of the joint. 

These imperfections are also signs of improper welding techniques such as low heat input and moving the bead too quickly.

Welding Services in Calgary 

Welding shops that adhere to the highest industry standards should be aware of all common welding defects and know how to prevent them. 

If you notice one of these imperfections in a metal part, contact a welding shop to repair it. A good service provider should educate you about why the defect has occurred and what they can do to fix it. 

When selecting a welding shop, check out their client reviews to get a feel for their work quality. 

Find the Best Welding Shop in Calgary 

When choosing from the many small welding shops in Calgary, we hope you’ll consider Aaron Machine Shop. Our certified welders provide metal welding for aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, and titanium. 

Please take a look at the services we provide, and be assured that Aaron Machine Shop will get the job done right. 

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